Thursday, September 15, 2022

Southern Spin BOM: Links to Posts


Southern Spin, Denniele Bohannon, quilted by Becky Collis

This past year we've done a master piecing pattern, a sampler of traditional Southern favorites with free patterns for Southern wheel designs posted on the last day of each month, March to November.

60" Finished Quilt

Link to the Introduction & the official set:

1 Circle Saw, Kathryn Kerr

2 Southern Star, Becky Collis

3 Wheel of Fortune, Sara Reimer Farley

4 Farmer's Fancy, Nadia Jarreau

5 Spinning Ball, Denniele Bohannon

6 Kansas Sunflower, Shawn Priggel

A few readers have picked up the challenge---
these are challenging blocks. Shawn has been keeping up.

#7 Brave Sunflower by an unknown Southerner

Bonus Block by Denniele Bohannon
Quilting by Becky Collis.

Could be the center.

Sarah Farley's 5 circle blocks in her own set. On This Day I Chose....I Choose You
to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary. Quilter Kim Hull

Becky Collis

Unified by Becky Brown
Becky realized she had two sets of compatible blocks with her Freedom's Friends
and Southern Spin samplers so she set them together. 

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 You can buy the set of patterns in my Etsy shop to print yourself. $12


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  1. I really enjoyed your talk and meeting you and Denniele last Saturday at NEQM!! Still tempted by these beautiful blocks……😊!