Saturday, April 30, 2022

Southern Spin #2: Southern Star


Southern Spin #2: Southern Star by Becky Brown

Our second Southern favorite is a variation of a Mariner's Compass based on 6 spokes.

Southern Star by Denniele Bohannon

The pattern is a classic north and south, published about 1900
in Hearth & Home magazine as Southern Star.
BlockBase #3408

Different center, spikier points, about 1845-1865
Mariner's Compass variations were common all over the U.S. from
about 1830 to 1870. Four points or six....
 (I doubt a compass based on 6 points will help your navigation.)

Northerners tended to forget about the compass design
after the Civil War.
There are always exceptions.

You could go on adding layers of points.

Laura Fisher Quilts
Laura thought this one was Mennonite, end of the 19th century.

And people did.

Quilt attributed to Massachusetts, date-inscribed 1860.

Block #2 by Becky Collis

Print this out on an 8-1/2 " x 11" sheet for a 14" finished block. 
See the inch square for sizing.

Becky Brown

1 and 2 with sashing

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