Friday, February 28, 2014


I picked the first and last commenter. There were 520 comments when I woke up this morning and Deb G was the last. Rosemary Y the first.

 Deb and Rosemary: I've got your email addresses so I'll get your street addresses and ship you off some precuts of Ladies' Album.

The other 518---thanks for commenting. Great answers!

Mary Pickford

Sorry you didn't win here.

Check the other Moda designers' blogs to see if you are a winner.

Mark the boss and the quilt

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Y Spell It With Fabric?

My letter is....                                  Y

As Moda's historian I've been given the philosophical letter Y. At the risk of sounding like a  3-year-old,  I'll answer each question with another: Why, Y, Y?

Click on this link. Y? Because you'll find the Y pattern here.

Y Spell with Fabric?

  • Each day on the blog hop you've been collecting a letter, number or shape for a quilt you can make from a Moda Jelly roll of 2-1/2" strips.

  • Because it's a quilting tradition. I'll show you some of my favorite pictures of antique quilts with something to say.

Tomorrow February 28
Click here at the Cutting Table blog:http://modafabrics.blogspot.com/

Y? Because the setting directions will be posted.And all the winners will be announced on ALL Designer Blogs.
Here are some answers to more questions:

My initials?


My favorite quilt block.......... 
Log Cabin.
Y? because there are so many variations.

My favorite book, movie or television show...

His Gal Friday with Cary Grant & Rosalind Russell
Y - the snappy dialogue never fails to make me laugh out loud.

Ann Horn's initial quilt
from the Wisconsin Quilt Search

Something I like......

Quilts with words
Y. Because people have something to say.
This one says things like
"Yes We Have No Bananas"
"Say it with Music"

This top commemorates events in 1937
"Eunice Johnson got first place on crochet rug
at the county fair
October 1937"


The year of the Chicago World's Fair

A list of the presidents up to 1933

My friends and I have been working on a wool
quilt with embroidered words since 2010

We have a lot to say.

Leave a comment and tell me Y you make quilts.
We'll send one of you some fabric......

The give-away is over. Y?
Because that's the rules.

Scroll up to the post of February 28th to see the winners.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Charm Pack Cherry Quilt

The Fat Quarter Shop has a clever new scrappy pattern
for Charm packs (5" squares) from Moda.
The call it Charm Pack Cherry.

Charm Pack Cherry Quilt
From the Fat Quarter Shop
52-1/2 x 54-1/2"

Above is one of their versions.

They are revealing this Short Cut Quilt today. You begin with four Charm Packs, two of prints, two of solids.
A link to their blog:

The Fat Quarter Shop is also having a Charm Pack sale. All Charm Packs will be 20% off from Monday morning until Sunday at midnight CST

For my mock-up in EQ7
I chose my Moda Ladies' Album repoduction pack for the prints.

And for the solids-- Moda's arrangement of
Bella Solids called Oatmeal, a range of 5 tan neutrals.

Oatmeal Bella Solids Charm Pack
SKU# 9900PP-21
You need 2 of the Oatmeal charm Packs

Oatmeal Bella Solids Charm Pack includes 42 five-inch squares: 8 to 9 charm squares of five different light neutral solids. These would be great with any reproduction prints or fabric collections of olives, browns, carmels, reds, etc.

You start out by piecing charm squares into 9-patches.
And then you cut the 9-patches

And re-assemble them into Block 1

Block 2
But why am I telling you this?
Go to the Fat Quarter Shop pattern & video:

Charm Pack Cherry Video Tutorial:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVSNLohmKFc

The Oatmeal charm pack in Bella Solids includes these shades:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Cheetos Challenge #2

See yesterday's post for the rules.
Here are the results of our Round Robin



Cheetah Tracks?

 Silver lame is always appropriate.


Note: lime-green ball trim.

Barbecued  cheeto?

I bet if you started a similar challenge this week you could have it finished by next June 21st which is "Strangely Orange Snack Appreciation Day."

UPDATE: I forgot Guin's.
Sorry! Here it is.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cheetos Challenge #1

Last year we were at our annual January quilt retreat.
The weather was great, the company quite amusing, the food was nutritious...

And pretty soon all we could talk about was Cheetos.

Somebody decided to get up, get a little exercise, go to town and get some Cheetos.
And maybe a little wine. 

Then we decided to do a Cheetos Round Robin, due last month.
The rules were few. 
  • Do a center inspired by your favorite curiously orange snack food.
  • Pass it to the next in alphabetic order three times. 
  • Try to loosen up.
Some call this an Add-A-Border, others a Round Robin.

Here are the centers:

Some took the challenge more seriously than others...

Note her comment: Cheetos 8 times.

And went for that curiously orange color...


Cheetos colored motorcycle print

While others looked for meaning with a little digital printing.



Others were quite literal.



Mata went for the whole package, so to speak.
This is a crunchy plastic bag framed by orange fabric.
More tomorrow.