Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Southern Spin #6 Sunflower


Southern Spin #6
Sunflower, Becky Brown

The Sunflower with 9 points is from Carrie Hall's book---BlockBase # 3448.

Carrie Hall, Kansas Sunflower block
Helen F. Spencer Museum of Art

Becky Collis, Southern Spin 1-6
Print this out 8-1/2" x 11". See the inch square for scale.

Southern Spin #6 Sunflower by Denniele Bohannon
Quilting by Becky Collis

Dannielle's blocks 1-6.

Becky Brown is combining her Southern Spin blocks with
her Freedom's Friends applique. As they are both hand dyed
fabrics they go together well. She's sketched in a 2" HST border and is thinking about color.
Should be fabulous.

From Stella Rubin's inventory.
Southern colors, particularly that oxblood brown solid---1880-1910.

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