Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Southern Spin #9: Compass


Southern Spin Block 9: Compass by Denniele Bohannon
Quilting by Becky Collis
Our Last Block.

Becky Collis's version

It's certainly a classic pattern. BlockBase  #3661 
with two 1930s names.

Variations popular since about 1840.

Becky Brown put a different star in the center.

Denniele's Finished Southern Spin

Becky sketched this one out with the nine blocks and a four-patch
sashing. But then she realized she had two sets of compatible blocks
so she set them together and Becky Collis is quilting it right now.

Becky Brown
Southern Spin and Freedom's Friends combined.

And that is the end of the nine blocks. Post your pictures on our Facebook page:

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