Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Phoebe's Favorite: Links to Dogtooth Applique Patterns

Blocks 1-4 by Jeanne Arnieri

The Block of the Month at Material Culture in 2023-2024 is Pheobe's Favorite: Dogtooth Applique.

Here are links to posts with 9 free patterns for this traditional applique
technique in which you slash and turn points rather than using a template.

Becky Brown's Block #2 showing 5 finished, pointy edges and 3
before the fabric is slashed to make the points.

Denniele Bohannon is stitching her points using
templates---the more common applique style. Each month you
get patterns for both techniques.

We have a Facebook group where you can share your progress. It's an open group. You don't have to join.

And you can buy the set of patterns here in my Etsy shop---32 pages for $12. Do note there's an error in there ---the blocks finish to 18-1/2" not 18".

Click on the links below to see the nine free patterns posted on the first day of each month beginning July 1, 2023

The Introduction:

#1 Sunflower by Becky Brown

#2 Bouquet by Elsie Ridgley

#3 Mexicali Rose by Denniele Bohannon

#4 Floral Vase by Jeanne Arnieri

#5 Tobacco Leaf by Becky Brown

#6 Princess Feather by Elsie Ridgley


#7 Pineapple by Denniele Bohannon

#8 Eagle by Becky Brown


#9 Cochise County by Elsie Ridgley


Denniele Bohannon
All nine blocks and a border beginning

Becky Brown plans to applique a dogtooth triangle border
around the nine blocks and turn that on point.

You know she isn't going to leave those corners empty.

Two good sources for how-to's on slashed and turned Dogtooth borders:
Elly Sienkiewicz's Beloved Baltimore Album Quilts
Jeana Kimball's The Quilter's Ultimate Visual Guide.

Or sash them and do a Dogtooth Star in the cornerstones.

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