Monday, December 30, 2013

A Few Feathered Stars: Radiant Star 2248

We tend to call this design Feathered Star,
a rather generic name that means a star
with serrated or feathered edges.

This particular quilt looks to be from about 1880-1920. The faded khaki, probably once green or blue, is a good clue to that time span. The pattern with it's octagonal center is older. I found the one below at FirstDibs. It looks to be mid-19th-century.

It's a spectacular example
with Turkey red prints in the star points.

How did mid-19th century quilters pass this design around?
I haven't seen any evidence that it was published until the early 1930s.

Yet there are many examples dating to the
late 19th century.

Quilt dated 1876 by Emma Mills Dabney.
This version has been floating around Pinterest.

In my BlockBase program the star with the octagonal center is #2248.

Three names were published in the 1930s.
Capper's Weekly from Topeka, Kansas, called it Star of Bethlehem. 
Aunt Martha's pattern company from Kansas City, Missouri called it Chestnut Burr or Radiant Star.

The Aunt Martha company sold a pattern through the mail in 1933.

Encouraging more quilters to try the design.

Since the pattern is in my BlockBase program for PC's you can print out templates any size.
Here's a snapshot of 2 pages of the 4 pages of templates for an 18" block.

Roseanne Smith did an almost identical star (I guess it would
be numbered 2248.1 in BlockBase) that she learned from the 
Queen of Feathered Stars: Marsha McCloskey.
Marsha with 2248.1

The square in question is pieced of two triangles in Marsha's. In the old quilts it's a single square.

She has books on feathered stars and this EQ software
for digitized pattern drawing.

Sandi Klop, Perennial Star

Sandi Klop at American Jane sells a similar pattern in Perennial Star,
 a few more points.

And Marti Michell has templates also for a star with a few more points.
Maybe this version should be numbered 2248.3

Feathered Star by Hortense Beck, 1990
Hortense Beck did a reproduction of an old quilt a few years ago that is in the collection of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum. Go to:
And near the bottom of the page pull down the menu in Collections to see the 57 quilts by Hortense Horton Beck.

I'll show you a few more feathered star designs in the next few weeks.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Reproduction Patterns: Start Stitching in 2014

Come September 
from Geoff's Mom's Patterns

Looking for a new project in a new season in a new year? It' either too cold to garden or too hot---depending on your hemisphere--- so it's time to start a new reproduction quilt. Here are a few commercial patterns that will keep you busy.

Southern Star from Bits & Pieces

One More Time
by Mary Elizabath Kinch and Biz Storms
From Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts


Michelle Yeo
Feathered Star and Mariner's Compass

Reminiscence by Lori Smith

Vin du Jour by Three Sisters for Moda
This is a FREE online pattern. 

Gone to Texas by Betsy Chutchian
from Gone to Texas

Moda's Collection For a Cause: Love
You can download a free pattern
but you might want to find a kit with precut pieces.

Farmer's Market by Edyta Sitar for
Laundry Basket Quilts

Edyta will always keep you busy.

The Lucy Boston Coverlet
The book:
Lucy Boston: Patchwork of the Crosses by Linda Franz

Here's a Pinterest page to give you ideas for fussy cutting

Sundial 1797
Carolyn Konig
for Carolyn's Quilting Room

I meant really busy.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More Morris Patchwork

Ann Burgess
Morris quilt

You know many people buy the William Morris reproductions,
but few are bold enough to cut into them.

Chains of Love by Carolyn S. Moore

Carolyn made this as a wedding gift from Morris reproductions
in my various Moda collections.

She used white as the contrast

She had people at the wedding sign the blocks.
A great remembrance.

A Morris-covered hand for your jewelry from Etsy
by Pierr Morgan.

Stephanie Serrano made this jacket out of a Morris Tapestry Layer Cake
and a little yardage.

QuiltLizzy sells a pattern for a Morris Shoo-Fly.
Click here:

Wendy Turnbull combined the Twins Sisters block in Morris Modernized
with prints from my 1862 Battle Hymn collection.
See a pattern for Twin Sisters here:

Threadbear Embroidery has this nine-patch for sale on Etsy.

Michele Hill made a giant log cabin block

and stitched pearls around the center square.
See more here:

SewGratefulQuilts blog showed a quilt she quilted for Jameson
done from a Michele Hill baby quilt pattern.

It looks like the border and set fabric is from the Morris Apprentice line

Rebecca at Bewildery should be making progress on her Morris diamond patchwork.
Here's the start
See her photostream here: