Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Winners for the August THIRTIETH Contest Yesterday

I have four winners for the precuts of Baltimore Blues.
The contest is over.

The magic number = 7
Michelle was the first to say she'd bought 7 quilt books

Magic Non Number = Zero
Hueisei was the first to say she bought none.

Magic Word = Library
Sharee in New Zealand first to write the word library.
"I haven't bought any but have been borrowing lots from library."

The prize for the most (varied titles)
Kathy D "hit the jackpot at a thrift store and scored about 60 - 80 books. I never counted them. Some are finding their way to new homes."

(No, Barbara, it doesn't count if you buy 1,000 copies of your own book.)

Sorry I made a mistake in the date. It really was the 30th. Not enough proofreading the final post.

Received over 200 replies. I'll tally the results and let you know.

Thanks for reading the blog and replying --- and buying quilt books.

The book photos are from a web page: 35 Things to Do With All Those Books


  1. What fun ways to pick winners. So much more fun than random number!

  2. wow...you didn't give us much time to reply. I check my email every morning. Your message didn't go out til 3pm yesterday....I didn't even see you message til today....bummer.... :(

  3. I love the way you choose your winners... a fun thing and well done to the lucky winners....

  4. Thanks for the big chuckle! We are all winners when we get that.

  5. Congratulations to the winners!


  6. Thank you Barbara. Thrilled to be receiving some of your fabric and look forward to using it in a project. You have a fun way of doing your giveaways.

  7. Thanks Barbara for giving us a great bit of summer fun on a late August day. I hope you are going to send along the info gathered about numbers of books we quilters still (want to) buy to the publishers who are entertaining notions of quitting producing the print versions of quilt related books.

  8. Congratulations to the winners and so fun way you chose the winners,love it.