Thursday, August 18, 2016

American Made:Treasures from the American Folk Art Museum

The City Sewers took a road trip to Arkansas the other day to the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville. We went to hear Linda Eaton, Winterthur's Textile Curator, give a talk about quilts and folk art. More about that later in another post.

Elsey A. Halstead, 1848
Collection of the American Folk Art Museum

The special exhibit up now is American Made: Treasures from the American Folk Art Museum

There were more than a dozen quilts among the 100+ objects from the American Folk Art Museum's collection in New York.
Spectacular quilts.
I had never seen these quilt in the cloth, and they allowed photos so I took a lot of detail shots

They showed their Baltimore Album Quilt top with the U.S.
Capitol in the center.

A Mariner's Compass by Sarah Maartz

Pictorial applique top dated 1853.

The center
A patriotic quilt from the Spanish-American War years.

Embroidered Picture

The other 100+ objects were truly terrific pieces of American art too.

Decoupage mourning shrine to Washington

Maria Cadman Hubbard's Pieties Quilt, 1848

Map of the United States, dated 1886.

You might want to put off your trip to the last week of the show because Judy Chicago, artist and educator, is speaking Friday, September 16, 7 to 8:30 pm.

Centennial---G Knappenberger---1876

Whig Rose Quilt
Abigail Hill 1857


  1. It occurred to me that while I read every post, I'm not very good about leaving a comment. So thank you - it's always a pleasure to see your name pop up in my blog-mail for a new post. The quilts are spectacular. :)

  2. OMG - what an early morning feast for my eyes!

  3. Wonderful treat! I've never seen the pictorial applique medallion in cheddar. Inspiring! Thanks as always for sharing.

  4. Thank you! What a fantastic look at some beautiful quilts.

  5. Yay - you included my favorite! The G. Knappenberger Quilt. I used to visit it all the time in NYC on the lower level.

  6. I was thinking the same as Carrie. I always enjoy your posts and have done for some time. Sorry I don't always comment, but I'm reading for sure :-D

  7. Thank you for sharing your photos. The quilts are amazing. I would image the meeting was the same. Your blog is always a joy to open.

  8. Wonderful quilts, love the pictorial quilt, those are always my favorite.


  9. Thank you for sharing. There was an exhibit of about 50(?) quilts from the American Folk Art Museum at the Putnam Museum about 2 years ago. I was merrily taking photos, when a guard came up and pointed out the signs saying "no photos". OOOPS! I walked right past because the minute I hit the entry, my eyes were on the quilts. At least I was on the last few quilts, and he didn't make me delete them. So it's great that they let you take photos on this exhibit!

  10. As others have said, Thankyou for sharing such wonderful quilts!!....it amazes me that these women made such detailed and intricate quilts but only had the most rudimentary tools to create such treasures.....always enjoy your blog posts, I have learned so much over the years I have followed your blogs.....