Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Past Perfect: Hamilton: The Quilt

Georgann Eglinski: Hamilton: The Quilt (top)

 It's the year of Alexander Hamilton. We saved his bacon on the ten dollar bill. Hamilton: An American Musical is a Broadway mega-hit.

Lin Manuel Miranda 
as Alexander Hamilton

The central panel copied from a circa 1800 print done
by the Hewson print works in Philadelphia.
Georgann added more butterflies and flowers.

And Georgann has been listening to the music as she sewed on her medallion featuring the reproduction panel from John Hewson. She read the Ron Chernow biography of Hamilton and as far as she's concerned it's 1803.

With one concession to the present.

The Winterthur-Hewson prints designed by Kathy Hall came out in 2011.
I'm still working on my version.
(or maybe the phrase is---mine is still in the waiting for border inspiration box)

Georgann's chintz scrapbag is fairly monumental.
Much of it is from lines that Terry Thompson and
I have done for Moda over the past twenty years.

See some more Hewson quilts at this Pinterest page:


  1. FYI: Reproductionfabrics.com now has the panels for $5.00 on closeout.

    Got mine - so thrilled to find it. Thanks for the interesting post.

  2. Georgann's quilt is such a beautiful way to display her fabulous fabric collection!
    Love everything about this quilt. Nice to see the Baltimore Blues.

  3. This quilt is stunning and love the fabric combo.

  4. Smithsonian Magazine has a wonderful article in a recent issue on Lin Manuel Miranda. He wrote the musical as one of his accomplishments. Young in his 30's.

  5. I live in the Netherlands and a big Hamilton and quilt fan. Does anyone know where I can get the pattern of this beautiful quilt?