Thursday, August 11, 2016

Books For Sale

Auguste Reading to Her Daughter
by Mary Cassatt

Reading women were a favorite subject matter for painter Mary Cassatt.
All the paintings on this page are by her.

I've spent a little time inventorying the books in my basement.

Young Lady Reading

As Henry Thoreau once said:
"I have now a library of nearly 900 volumes over 700 of which I wrote myself--"

I imagine he meant he had 700 unsold copies of one of his own books and a few by some other authors. I am in a similar position.

I've also checked on which of my books are still available to purchase from other places.

The Reader

If you are looking at this page on a computer you can see a column over on the right with links to books I've written. I've recently updated that so most of the links should work.

There are a few places you can buy the books.

One good source is my Etsy Shop. I have copies from the original print runs that I will be glad to sign and send you.
Click here to see the book store:


The other is C&T Publishing's search page about MOI

Last time I looked they have 14 books available. Some were originally published by the Kansas City Star Quilt Division and are from the original print runs.Others that C&T published over the years are print-on-demand (meaning they print a darn good edition when you order it.)

Reading Le Figaro

Some of the books like Clues in the Calico are completely out of print
 (can't find a POD or an eBook edition)
but it's not that outrageously priced as a used book online.

Mary Cassatt in old age with a book.
From the Smithsonian.

See more paintings of women reading:



  1. I am lucky that our library carries your books and made a few from the civil war woman, still need to finish the ladies.
    I have all the blocks done, just need to make it now.


  2. Love the aging M.C. but she also seems to be holding a cat on her lap.
    I have always enjoyed her paintings and like your article.

  3. You are right. There are some paws sticking out behind the book.

  4. Thank you so much for making your books available on Etsy. I ordered two that I don't have in my Brackman collection and can't wait till they arrive! I also love Mary Cassatt's artwork. Thank you so much for all the quilt history you post in your blogs. Karen