Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Antique Blocks in the Mail

Nancy sent me some vintage blocks as a gift,
Thank you, Nancy.
That peony or cactus rose variation is a great design.

The applique blocks look 1840-1880---
Turkey red and green, classic patterns. The wreath has yellow circles of reverse
applique in the center of each flower.

Carolina Lily 
One great thing about unfinished blocks is they show you
how quilters used to work.

This pieced block looks to be the latest one,
probably 1880s in that very fashionable blue print
we call Lancaster blue.

The most amazing thing was this one.

Because I already have its twin sister.
The other blocks look unfinished and never put into a quilt but these two
seem to have been pulled from a stained old top.

Nancy's blocks were purchased in Arizona.

I can't remember where I got the first one but I have always thought it was terrific.
Love the stripes.

How did they get so separated and where's the rest of the quilt?

I'd guess the other three applique blocks were someone's pattern blocks that she saved to make a quilt out of someday. This variation on Wreath of Roses or President's Wreath is so nicely done you could actually use it as a pattern. So click on the picture above and print it out. If you don't need too much
guidance you have all you need.


  1. Those are such interesting blocks. It can't be a coincidence that there are two gum tree blocks exactly alike! It would be so much fun to discover the story of that quilt and its maker. Thank you for making a nice sized photo we could use as a pattern. I do like that wreath.

  2. Love the first, the peony/cactus-rose. I've never seen this variation before either. Love all the versions of that family of blocks including the carolina lily, etc.
    Often photos can be used as patterns or at least good suggestions.

  3. Great old blocks. The hand work involved making those blocks is a thing of wonder.