Thursday, July 7, 2022

Giveaway with Dubious "Prize"


Betty & Kathy counted these triangles and came up
with 8,336.
Seventeen guessers thought there might be anywhere from 823 to 25,678. Janet G came up with the closest at 7,000.

I have her email address and will be sending her the good news and a whole lot of triangles.

We recently held a contest at the quilt guild show.
Guess how many triangles in this jar. Win the jar.

Kathy & Betty counted the triangles in the jar.

Roseanne won the jar. Being better at estimating volume
than using up random- sized pieces of fabric she gave the jar to me.

I have many, many random-sized pieces of fabric so I am offering it to you.
Guess how many triangles Betty & Kathy say are in this jar and I will ship it to the person who comes closest.

You will not get the jar, which seems to be a recycled 2-pound jar of cheezy puffs.

Give-Away Rules
1. One entry per person.
2. Delivery in U.S. only (Sorry!)
3. Comment before midnight July 9, 2022 (Central US Time Zone).
4. Tell us how many triangles are in the jar.
5. Be sure I have some way to email you.
6. I'll announce winner with the closest guess here on July 9th and email you.
7. I'll remove all the comments on the 9th and tell you the actual number.

Warning: These triangles will probably not be suitable for patchwork such as these vintage quilts.

Most of these from online auctions seem to be from about 1870-1890
when scrap quilts were quite popular.

 Ohio Historical Society Collection 1870-1900 
By Annie Hart Beall 

Don't even think about it!

More suitable ideas:

Mid 20th century

May need to trim bottom

Or not.

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  1. Congratulations to JanetG. Is it bad that I'm sort of relieved that I didn't win?