Friday, July 22, 2022

Drunkard's Path Snowballing Along


Drunkard's Path variation. Pattern popular after 1890.
Lots of double pink a clue to about 1900.
The pattern has many names. 

This scrappy block shows
you one classic version. The quarter circles with the asterisk
are all rotated. Other variations repeat those corners and centers
in different fashion but this is the repeat in the pink quilt.

Except there is more to this than one block.

The design alternates a Drunkard's Path block with a second
block. It looks like you would applique four circles in the corners.

Or you could pieced the quarter circle blocks into a nine patch like this.

Now there is a category in my Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns
and the digital program BlockBase+ for patterns composed of two different

Except it's not in there.


It should be near the Double Irish Chains, two blocks:

Or the Snowballs

My first excuse for omission is that this variation was NOT a published pattern
but when sorting through the picture files I found a photo from Carlie Sexton in 1928.

It's tough to figure out what the repeat is (That's my excuse now
for why it's not in there.)

But this seems to be what she meant.

This piecer had a little trouble with rotation 
but she followed Sexton's pattern it would seem.

Two blocks by Dora Lee Pearson (1861-1937) of Monroe County, 
Tennessee. From the Tennessee project & the Quilt Index.

The files says the fabric is a navy blue.
Dora's main block here is a slightly different Drunkard's Path.

I guess you will have to add this 2-block version to your Encyclopedia with the number 1040.8
and the name Drunkard's Path, Carlie Sexton 1928.

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