Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Patricia Campbell's Quilts & Fabric

Patricia B. Campbell 
Jacobean Arbor

American Quilters Society has been traveling a show of Pat Campbell's quilts
in their Quilt Week Exhibits. I saw it in DesMoines last fall.

Pat died in 2013. She had written seven books
on her Jacobean style applique.

Jacobean Arbor pictured at the Quilt Index.

Elizabethan Woods
Above & Below

She adapted traditional Jacobean embroidery style to applique
and updated the colors with magenta as her neutral, she said.

Details of Birds of Paradise

Pat designed the classic Fossil Fern print in a billion colors.
It's a new Bread & Butter (as they used to call the prints that sold year after year),
selling since 1996.

Jacobean Harvest

Many of her quilts are now in the AQS collection at
their National Quilt Museum.
It's an impressive life's work.

Jacobean design is characterized by asymmetry, complex curves, exotic and often imaginary plants and birds. Jacobean refers to the time of England's King James I when the techniques we'd call crewel embroidery were popular with European needleworkers.

Read a book online about Jacobean Embroidery at the Smithsonian:


  1. pat's work was very impressive indeed and she was a standard to which i always strived...happy to see her years ago just before she had her surgery at a venue in NH for quilters' gathering...a great artistic loss

  2. I saw these in Des Moines as well. Lovely work. I wish I had bumped into you there.

  3. Thank you for sharing this information, I think it is beautiful and will have to learn more about her and the style.

  4. Thank you for publishing this information about Pat Campbell and her books and fabrics.

  5. I met Pat at a class in Gainesville, FL and then I signed her for a class at my guild. She was so talented and such a “real” person, warm and hilarious! We lost a star when she passed away.