Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bragging: McCord in Mexico

Georgann Eglinksi started this quilt out with an appliqued block, 
"Classical Urn" from the book 
Our Favorite Quiltmakers: Susan McCord.
She put it on the wall at the weekly gathering of the SewWhatevers at Sarah's Fabric Store.

The group had lots of  Broken Dishes four-patches left over from another project. Pretty soon the quilt got bigger. One decision: What would be the perfect accent for those little squares?
Turquoise, of course.

McCord in Mexico by the SewWhatevers, 
Lawrence, Kansas, 2016
Georgann appliqued the border too.
Her central block is based on Susan McCord's 19th-century Floral Urn.

Floral Urn by Susan Noakes McCord
Collection of the Henry Ford Museum

We were extremely pleased with the results. I say WE but all I did was draw the original pattern, contribute a lot of dark red fabric and periodically say, "Turquoise."

Lori Kukuk quilted it on her longarm.

Roseanne said we should enter it in a contest. So we did. It was accepted into the juried AQS show in Des Moines last summer. We were going to enter it in the Group Quilt category but they don't have a group quilt category. So we entered it in the extremely competitive Machine Quilting Category. 

Were we proud to get in. We didn't win but we didn't care. That's one tough category.

Several people have complimented us on the quilt (Thank you, very much.) And asked how it looks so cohesive even though 9 or so people sewed blocks, discussed color, etc. The answer is the dictator theory. The SewWhatevers make a lot of group quilts. One person or a pair dictates the quilt---Colors, design, etc. The rest of us are just sewing wenches (or drawing wenches as in my case.)

Georgann was dictator in this case with a lot of color input from Carol and Sarah who have great color sense. Anyone who wants to can suggest a quilt and if the idea flies, everybody else helps as they can: Ironing, cutting out paper backs, sewing expert seams, contributing fabric.

We were also pleased to see Julee Prose's version of the sampler from the McCord book in the DesMoines guild show. She calls it Blue Denim. Julee's also won a prize or two with her McCord quilt in blue.

Another of Julee's blocks.
This one is McCord's Cut Glass Dish,
which I've appliqued a few times already.

McCordsville by Barbara Brackman, 41" Square.

Shauna Christensen's version on the cover of our book.

Inspired by Julee I've been planning to do the Cut Glass Dish again in blues and taupe. Here's a plan in my last year's fabric line Union Blues. It would look good in this year's brighter Baltimore Blues fabrics too.

If you don't need much of a pattern this JPG will do. Print it 8" square. Enlarge it 200% for a 16" finished block. If you'd rather have a paper pattern, we'd be glad to sell you a book.

Here are a few other posts I've done on McCord-inspired quilts.


And I started an Instagram tag for #susanmccordquilt
Tag pictures of quilts you've made inspired by the Quilting Genius.


  1. McCord in Mexico is simply stunning! And, I'm glad you kept interjecting "turquoise"! They are all wonderful however, my favorite is your McCordsville. I love the applique border pieces. Very clever indeed. Thanks once again for sharing.

  2. Wow! McCord in Mexico is a real beauty!

  3. I'm glad to know how you all work together to create such a great quilt as McCord in Mexico! Very striking and beautiful - the turquoise makes it! Happy stitching.

  4. Here I am, pondering between "Juniper and Mistletoe" and "Victorian Puzzle" for a Big New Start, and now you get me daydreaming in a whole new direction! Amazing colors!

  5. Truly inspiring. Talk about group effort. Wow!

  6. The colors of that first one are so great - to me it's the southwest Indian influence and I've always loved those colors. Thanks for sharing it. The vase/basket looks great in blues, too. Thanks for the .jpg. I think I can make that work, and I was looking for a medallion center for 2017.

  7. Oh my, that medallion quilt looks fabulous on the darker background y'all used.I have a lot of group quilts in my collection so truly can appreciate how the SewWhatevers stitched together and came up with this beauty. I wonder if it is too late to add that McCord book to my Christmas wish List. Is it a real (as in hold in your hand) book or virtual?

  8. It's a real book Dorry. I'd love to see what you'd do with some Susan McCord patterns. Lime green perhaps.

  9. The McCord quilt is fabulous. I love the use of the turqoise. It really adds a punch. It should've won! Great applique blocks. And that quilt by Julie is fantastic! What a great group of quilters you are! (even with a dictator!)

  10. I have inherited a quilt that I would like to reproduce. The original is not in good condition. Your Baltimore Blues fabrics are perfect for this project. The original has solids in it. do you have any recommendations for solids to go with your collection?