Friday, December 23, 2016

Baltimore Blues: Monument

The paisley stripe from Baltimore Blues is named Monument.

Every mid-19th-century reproduction line needs a paisley print.

The print comes in three colorways:
River Green, Sassafras Brown and Harbor Blue

The Document Print
I had a little scrap of a madder red---just enough to capture
the repeat and the fancy background texture. It's a paisley cone set in a stripe.

The Reproduction

Baltimore is called the City of Monuments. Today you can see monuments to Cal Ripken, Frank Zappa, Edgar Allen Poe, Thurgood Marshall and George Washington.

From a quilt in the DAR Museum

Back about 1850 when the fabrics in this shade of blue were so popular for Baltimore Album quilts there were two major monuments:

The Washington Monument finished in 1815...

Baltimore Album quilt from Mary Koval's collection.

and the Battle Monument finished in 1825.

From a quilt sold online

Baltimore Album quilts contain several blocks depicting those two public sculptures.
See more about paisley cones in a stripe set at this post:

Ilyse Moore's using the greens in an alternating star and log cabin quilt.


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