Sunday, December 11, 2016

Oh Susannah!

Oh, Susannah! by Barbara Brackman, 2003
49" Square

I was inspired to get this quilt of mine out of the closet the other day because there is a new fabric line coming that celebrates one of "Our Favorite Quiltmakers: Susan McCord."

My wall quilt was inspired by a quilt made in Indiana in the late-19th century.
These string pieced leaves are Susan McCord's signature style.

My version was one of the models for our Sunflower Pattern Co-operative's book about McCord and her quilts: Our Favorite Quiltmakers: Susan McCord. Authors were me, Shauna Christensen and Deb Rowden.

I remembered that one of the reds bled. And now I realize I can
get rid of that stain by soaking it overnight with a Color Catcher or two.
I'll let you know what happens.

Print from Henry Ford Museum's line
Inspired by Susan McCord

The new fabric from the Museum includes a couple of cheater cloth patterns, one inspired by the same quilt.

Feathered Star by Susan Noakes McCord (1829-1909)
Collection of the Henry Ford Museum
McCord's quilt is about 80" square.

A link to their quilt collection, which includes numerous Susan McCord quilts:

Check out the fabric at this link:

You can still buy our 2004 book online.

 Used or new it's generally listed as more expensive than the original price ($24.95), although I can't figure out why since Karla and I have lots of copies in her basement. We'd be glad to sign one for you and ship it to you. We have marked it down to $19.95.

That's Shauna Christensen's version of McCord's
Floral Urn on the wall; my quilt on the table.

Denise I. has finished her Stars in a Time Warp top; her central block
inspired by Susan McCord.


  1. To ensure the bleed comes out, baste a piece of the Colour Catcher sheet right on top of the area that bled, wash and remove once dry. You may have to repeat if the bleed is stubborn. This happened to me when I was blocking a hanging to dry and had a number of areas that bled (even though all fabric was prewashed). You should have seen all the bits of Colour Catcher basted on different areas of my hanging catching all the areas that bled out. The sheets started to catch the excess dye and as it dried, I would check an area and then just wet the sheets again with a sponge and water and eventually, the bleed out disappeared and the sheets captured any excess dye to prevent this from happening again (I hope).

  2. I do remember that quilt and I think (hope) the color catchers work for you. They worked on my Dear Jane potholder quilt disaster! I have always loved this book and all of Susan McCord's quilts. What a talent she was. Nice job Denise on you Time Warp beauty.

  3. Denise! What an utterly fantastic setting for Stars in a Time Warp! I am so impressed.

    Lots of inspiration here again today, Barbara. Thanks for all the photos!

  4. Susan McCord's quilts made such an impression on me when I saw them at the Henry Ford Museum many years ago--the quilt in this post is probably my favorite. I'm off to ETSY and hoping there are still copies of your book about the fabulous quilts made by this interesting woman ...

  5. I love your book about Susan McCord's quilts. I've intended to make a rendition of the vine one someday. Thanks for the tip about the fabric!

  6. I'd love to see what Nifty's take on the Vine would be.
    I've been cutting and stitching string pieced leaves. More later.