Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sunbonnet Sue Wrecks

I'm not a fan of Sunbonnet Sue. I've seen too many, and she's too darn cute.

But I do enjoy collecting photos of Sues gone wrong.

Not Sues gone bad as in my post in July. Click here:

But Sues gone wrong, terribly wrong.
The major problem seems to be the appendages, arms, hands and feet. Everybody knows that nobody can draw hands.

So a lot of Sues are left without their hands, which is a pretty good solution.

When in doubt just leave them out

Everybody knows Sue has only one hand, but some people just can't leave it at one.

I think the problem with the feet in the two blocks above is trying to portray both feet.
I have no idea what happened with the arm and hand in the yellow block above.

Two feet is probably never a good idea.
She seems to be walking away from the whole idea.


What?!? Part 2

Sometimes it's just a matter of proportion.

For more about the history of Sunbonnet Sue see this Sunbonnet Sue web page:



  1. RFLOL.. Barbara I LOVE this post.... the bottom girl is just too funny!

    Have you made a Sue Quilt? I can't bring myself to do it but have a 'modern sue' pattern in my collection for 'someday'

  2. LOL !!!

    Thank you for this funny post!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! That is so funny...I have never really considered the parts of Sunbonnet Sue, but you are soooo right! The little stubby hand is not good and the last photo is just hilarious....is that a needle she is carrying? Thanks for the laugh this morning!!!

  4. They really are all different aren't they. I am a fan of Sue.... probably because there was a SBS quilt around to love when I was little... and I love it to death. There is only one block left now and I recently found out the quilt belonged to my sister and was made by our mother. But aren't quilts supposed to be loved???? :o)


  5. That is so funny! I think that a Sunbonnet Sue quilt with Morris Tapestry dresses might be in your future!

  6. I AM a SBS fan, but what a funny post! The last Sue will be forever in my mind!

  7. BArbara! we were up in the Boston area and went to the New england Quilt Muesem. They were having a Subonnet Sue quilt exhibit.... if I remember correctly it was HOW TO KILL SUNBONNET SUE! One quilt had her being thrown off a train! Maybe they still have some photos from that exhibit.
    I dislike Sue intensely - you are so very right... just plain sicky sweet!
    But hey, who am I too judge what was a popluar quilt in the 1930's. Maybe they were Depression weary!?

    Julie in TN

  8. Barbara, you are so funny. I've always gotten a kick out of SBSs where the bonnet and/or dress pattern has gotten all reversed, etc. I think that's what happened in your 7th picture. The sleeve pattern should be flipped and again there's no hand lol.

  9. Way to funny... Why are they cute?
    For me, I know as a child I had a holly hobby fixation, mostly because she wore a square patched dress!
    (and later in life I had pants made out of similar fabric) So maybe it's the carry overs.... girls, dolls, comfort...
    I'd be curious about the first one made... like did it have hands? ;-)

  10. OMG I have tears streaming down my face from laughing so much and now I can't stop either from happening...very hard to type through tear soaked eyes :)

    I LOVE Sue and have several patterns but have yet to make one b/c I haven't even learned how to cut fabric correctly :o(

  11. What?!...is sue bowling? Great post..needed the chuckle.

  12. Wow! Now I am really glad I never got my Sue done or I might be #1 on the list for baaad Sue's!! Thanks for the laughter, I was lol while going through these.

  13. I do so love these posts - so funny. Thank you for the links to them - after howling at some more - and the psycho versions - I then read the history and saw the artwork. The paintings really are so cute that I understand why so many were sewn. But not something that I will ever attempt - in case my version ends up on your posts! LOL