Saturday, December 18, 2010

Two of a Kind

Kim sent a photo of this basket quilt she saw at an antique shop.
 Isn't it strange to have 2 handles? That's like Sunbonnet Sue having two feet.

Then while scrolling through the Quilts of Tennessee pictures on the Quilt Index I found this.
A trend?

See the original quilt from about 1900 at the Quilt Index by clicking here:

Of course baskets often do have two handles.


  1. How cool is that? I love those baskets with two handles! LOVE!! LOVE! LOVE!

  2. It really does make sense, baskets almost always have 2 handles.....right?? I'm just starting a new blue/white tree of life quilt, can't wait to begin. Blue was my moms favorite color, so it is dedicated to her.

  3. I came back to take another look at the two-handled baskets and see that the comment I made yesterday never appeared. :-(

    My comment was about 2-handled basket blocks just seeming weird and wondering if it was just a Tennessee (region) thing.

    The wobbly red handles - why did she use red - make me laugh!

  4. I've had a few complaints about the comment box lately. Comments not being posted, etc.
    Just keep trying is all I can suggest. Re: 2 handled baskets---with all that sewing skill at one handled baskets why would you feel the need to add another?

  5. Barbara, would this be a region pattern? While 2 handles makes sense as a real basket, I prefer one handle on quilts. Perhaps I tend to be very traditional lol

    Julie in TN

  6. I love the two handled basket. It is usually the softsided baskets that have two handles. This woman was probably very literal.

  7. I am the one who sent you the picture of the two handled basket from the antique mall. When I found the quilt in the store, I did not notice that it had two handles. I was concentrating more on the fact that it was a basket design, blue & white, and in such good condition. It wasn't until I downloaded the photos from the camera onto the computer that I noticed the double handles. Strange because how could you not notice it. At first, it looked like a double exposure but I used a digital camera. Interesting that you found information about another quilt with double handles. I did not purchase the quilt.

  8. Sorry, Karen, to get your name wrong. I can't read my own writing.It's interesting that the baskets themselves are also the identical pattern. One is so nicely done and the other so wobbly.

  9. I've never seen a basket quilt like that. The two handles give it the illusion of being three dimensional. Maybe the maker intended that?