Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Book of the Saints for Quilters

I've always wished I could paint well enough to create a little Renaissance-style masterwork (a rather major ambition). Photoshop has helped me achieve my goal in a way. I've been altering masterpiece paintings and entertaining myself by the hour.

Saint Ann, on the cover, is the patron saint of seamstresses

Now I have figured out a way to publish my digital doodling. I've created a book in Blurb, a print-on-demand publishing site.

Here's what you'll find if you go to this web page:

A Book of the Saints: For Quilters

Quilt historian Barbara Brackman has created 26 photo collages celebrating patron saints especially for quilters. Lost a scissors? Adding another UFO (unfinished object) to the pile? Worried about your reds bleeding? There's a saint for that.
St. Thomas is the patron saint of academia, including mathematics.
 He reminds you of the Pythagorean theorem,
which allows you to calculate the long side of any right triangle.

It's a 30-page paperback, just a little wisp of a book, a perfect gift for any textile artist.
It costs $15.95 plus shipping.
The only way to order it is from the online Blurb Bookstore.

St. Lucy's Day is December 13th.
She's the Patron Saint of Vision---
useful if you plan any counted cross-stitch

The Blurb books are so easy to do that I am sure I will publish many more from my new I'll Just Do It Myself Press. Check on my print-on-demand publishing empire by going to the online Blurb Bookstore(http://www.blurb.com/bookstore) every once in a while and doing a search for my name.


  1. That is quite amazing! Thank you so much for this interesting post.

  2. I have said prayers to St. Anthony, patron saint of lost and stolen items, a number of times in my craft room!

  3. I have just ordered your book. It looks like a lot of fun.
    Well done and have a happy Xmas.

  4. Great idea! Looks like loads of fun. I'll check it out.

  5. What a riot! Love your book and will aim to find this after Christmas. ;)

  6. What Creativity! Now I need this book and a copy for my sewing friend!