Friday, December 24, 2010

Dotland for the Holidays

Those of us who grew up as Catholics learned that there's a patron saint for every cause. For my Book of the Saints I wanted a Patron Saint for Dotland.

St. Dorothy was a good option.

St. Dorothy
She is the patroness of brewers, brides, florists, gardeners, midwives, and newly wedded couples. We could call her St. Dot and add polka dots to her watch.

Or it could be St. Casimir, the patron saint of Poland, inspiration for the polka and thus polka dots ---although why these dots should be named for a popular dance nobody knows.

St. Casimir

St. Quirinus is the patron of the obssessive compulsive.
I've already done him once as a digital card for a friend who has a dot problem.

I decided on St. Dot for the patron saint of Dotland, pictured here with St. Barbara on the left.

St. Dorothy is on the right, dispensing dots to the needy.
Click on the photo and it should be large enough to print for framing.

And click here to see a preview of the Book of the Saints for Quilters.


  1. Hurray for St Dot! She never goes out of style, although sometimes she is more in style than not.

    Merry Christmas, Bonnie

  2. Wonderfully fun - take me to Dotland.

    Merry Christmas Eve!

  3. Do you think that "polka dots" being half drop repeats might be related to polkas at 2/4 time?
    Merry Christmas.

  4. From the bottom of my Catholic polka dot loving heart I shall honor St. Dot by making a shrine to her and offering up lovely dotted fabrics - LOL -- Merry Christmas!