Friday, December 29, 2023

Statue of Liberty Centennial Quilt Contest 2


"Lady Liberty Lights the Way" by Nancy M. Crasco, Massachusetts

In the last post we looked at quilts entered in the 1985-1986 contest to celebrate the centennial of the Statue of Liberty. Here are a few winners and some also-rans.

"Let Freedom Glow" by Joen Wolfram

"America & Lady Liberty" by Martha Skelton, winner in Mississippi

Jenny Laine Lamoreaux, Michigan

"Liberty in America" by Ruth Beckett, Washington

Mary Kay Horn, Indiana winner

"Spacious Skies" by Charlotte Warr Anderson, Utah
2nd National Winner

Lillie Short, Kentucky

"And Still They Come" by Janet Moreland, Illinois

Ruth Gore Marks, Indiana

"Mothers of Exiles" by Rebekka Seigel, Kentucky Prizewinner

"Mother of Exiles" by Carol Ruszel Gutyan, Indiana

Nita Spencer, Nebraska

Dianne J. Menning, Michigan


  1. Erica Wilson's Quilts of America published 1979 by Oxmoor House shares state/territory winners of the Great Quilt Contest with Jinny Beyer being the overall winner with Ray of Light. The script says, "A contest is simply a means of sharing talents; the Great Quilt Contest allowed 10,000 quilters from all over the United States to share a piece of their lives with others interested in the art of quilting." Thought you might enjoy another source of quilts made just a bit before those posted. I would have overlooked a book by Erica Wilson on quilts because to me she was a crewel person. The book includes how tos.

    1. Different contest but all important in defining style.