Friday, December 1, 2023

Phoebe's Favorite Dogtooth #6: Princess Feather


Phoebe's Favorite Dogtooth #6: Princess Feather by Becky Brown

Princess Feather patterns in a variety of interpretations were popular with 19th-century quiltmakers. One could use a template as Anna McKindly probably did for her quilt below.

Collection of the DAR Museum

Or stitch all those points using a Dogtooth technique...

as seems to be the case in this one.

And this one.

The inspiration below is from the inventory of the late Laura Fisher who loved a graphic quilt.

Princess Feather by Elsie Ridgley in William Morris prints

Our center is simpler than the antique version.

Even simpler by Jeanne Arnieri

Below are three pattern sheets, two for the Dogtooth applique;
one for the template technique.

Mid-19th-century quilt with an unusual Dogtooth stitched shape in the corners.
Spirals are tricky and Dogtooth-slashed spirals.....

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