Saturday, July 1, 2023

Phoebe's Favorite: Dogtooth Applique #1


Phoebe's Favorite #1: Sunflower by Becky Brown

The first of an appliqued Block of the Month series here on my Material Culture blog.
Look for a free pattern on the first day of each month through March, 2024 here.
Becky used the dogtooth applique method to make her floral.

It's called Phoebe's Favorite after my dog.
The blocks finish to 18-1/2" (or you can make them larger.)

You'll learn how to use the traditional dogtooth method to applique points.
But you also get a pattern for conventional applique: templates with seam allowances added.

Print the pattern sheets on an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper.
Check the inch square for accuracy and adjust size if necessary.
Cut the background 19" or larger.

Above the dogtooth technique pattern for the inner star and the leaf---cropped a bit to fit on a sheet of paper. The star should be cut as a circle 6-3/4" in diameter.

Becky's yellow petals above (16 of them) were cut as a circle, slashed and turned under.
She's stitching by hand, the traditional way to do dogtooth applique.

Now you may want to use conventional applique methods so you
will get two patterns each month.

Patterns for conventional applique. You need to add seam allowances
to these templates.

The leaves and center star

Jeanne Arnieri used the dogtooth technique and added a dot.
She says: 
"Dogtooth applique is quite quick and easy -- fun!!!"
A variation.

Drawn from a quilt in the collection of Bev & Jeffrey Evans

Mark French's inventory

20th-century version

The dogtooth method allows you a lot of freedom.

This 1921 reference to a dog-tooth border is the earliest I've found to that name for applique style but they are showing a pieced sawtooth border, not what I'd call an appliqued dogtooth border.

Sunflower by Denniele Bohannon