Monday, October 16, 2023

Mystery Pattern: Carousel


I cannot believe this great design is NOT in my Encyclopedia of
Pieced Quilt Patterns---or BlockBase, the digitized version.

Five years ago Lori Nicholas Frank posted a circa 1950 example on Quilts Vintage & Antique.
"OK, I give up! Does anyone know this pattern name?"

Nobody has commented with a name.
I've been looking for the published source ever since but no luck.
I give up too.

So I drew it up in BlockBase & Electric Quilt 8

It looks very mid-century what with the prints, the scrappy look and
the clever repeat.

I'll give it a number BlockBase# 2676.5

And name it Carousel as it goes around and round and you don't have to flip any pieces.

Two sheets for a 12" Finished Block
All templates, all curves.

You know it had to be a published pattern....


  1. Interesting pattern!

    Question - I like die cutting for blocks with odd angles or curves. Piece C on this block certainly qualifies!
    This looks like an ideal block to have a die made for. What's your policy on someone sending this pattern, or those from your Encyclopedia, to have a die made? The company I'm referring to starts with "A", ends with "quilt" (not sure if OK to mention a company name here!) that can make custom dies.
    Not that I'll ever actually get that far!

  2. I just went back through the daredevil blocks, to see if it was there! It would have fit in as an “easier alternate”.