Saturday, September 16, 2023

National Sew a Jelly Roll Day: Twists & Turns


16th-c. stitcher is an anonymous Italian painted by Bartolmeo Veneto.

Everybody is sewing Moda Jelly Rolls today

Shops are teaching classes and organizing Sew Alongs all day today.
See if your shop has a Jelly Roll event scheduled.

Here's a pattern adapted to 2-1/2" precut strips. Jelly Rolls.
Print the sheet out 8-1/2" x 11" for a classic pattern from about 1900.
The strips are 2-1/2" wide, Jelly Roll size.

I am working on this pattern ---the pieced strips will finish to 7" wide (I think.)

This version is from about 1900. No strips between.

Silk, about the same time


Silk version---variegated colors for half the strip.

Mid-20th-century version
Most of the examples I found did not include the alternate 2" 
finished strips separating the patchwork.

Today everybody calls it a Braid quilt.
There are plenty of patterns out there. Some like this one just for Jelly Rolls.
Do a web search for Braid and find patterns and how-tos.

A few other ideas adaptable for Jelly Roll piecing from vintage quilt design

All look about 1900

This Southern classic top from Ileana's inventory, which
she sells in her EBay shop.

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