Monday, September 25, 2023

Lucky Star


If one were looking for an exercise in pattern complexity, one might consider Lucky Star from the Laura Wheeler syndicated newspaper column in the 1930s.

Syndicated to many newspapers in July, 1934

BlockBase+ Pattern ID 2989

BlockBase will draw setting arrangements for you as well as patterns.

Two mid-century quilts made from the newspaper pattern.

During the 1930s quilters loved white as a contrast to their pastel prints and plains.
These two vintage quilts highlight the blocks as separate units, using that emphasis on white (design idea revived today.)

EQ8 sketch of BlockBase #2989
But you might want to consider design interactions
in the corners using different shading.

Laura liked a template-cut block so here are two sheets
for a 12" finished block, drawn in EQ8 & BlockBase+.

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