Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Straight & Narrow: Drunkard's Path Variation


Scrolling through eBay I came across this mid-20th century quilt.
Nice quilting but the pieced design seems to be a hot mess, as
we might say.

What is going on? Curves and straight lines, squares and rectangles.
Wait a minute! Drunkard's Path quilts do not include rectangles.

Drunkard's Path quilts are all curved piecing.

The block was quite popular after 1880, published many
times with many names but Drunkard's Path is what
we know it as.

And it's always curved piecing.

Never-the-less, the purple quilt has a few blocks of squares & rectangles.

Genius in the middle of a hot mess.

I drew a version in Electric Quilt.

It works best alternated with a plain block.

A Drunkard's Path without the hangover.

I'll call it Straight & Narrow.

A 16" finished block can be made from Moda's Jelly Roll and Charm Square precuts.

As in my Morris Meadow collection in shops now.
A beginner's version of a classic design.


  1. That's a cool design. A great one for a jelly roll!

  2. I like it..oddly satisfying.

  3. Save it for the next Block Base! Good idea for Moda's upcoming Jelly Roll Saturday too.

  4. What an interesting block.

    So, what *are* your thoughts about a new version of Block Base and/or the Encyclopedia so soon after the last ones? I know there's been at least 10-ish patterns you've found since the last versions were done.
    An excited "I'm *always* thinking about and planning the next one!"
    a blank "uummmmm"
    a bored "been there, done that"
    a Bambi in the headlights "Oh Shh..!"
    a horrified "Oh HE.. NO!" at remembering all the work they were.

  5. Gail: Bite your tongue! I can't even imagine doing a 4th edition right now. I'd have to have a 100 new published patterns to make it worthwhile and some new technology. And I'd have to have a lot more years....

  6. :-) I can't say I blame you!
    Just a thought...if time ever comes that you decide to hang up the search for forgotten/unknown patterns, what about publishing a supplement to your encyclopedia as a PDF? Only the patterns found since the 3rd edition would be included. Even a collection of the blog posts that you've done with them would be good.

    I'm slowly working my way through reading QNM from issue 1, just started into the early 100 numbers, and get a kick out of seeing articles by you from back then. So fascinating seeing how quilting and attitudes have changed (or not) over the years. The materials, tools, and styles. Readers' opinions on what "proper" quilting is and what was or was not worthy of being included in the magazine. The outrage in letters to Ms Leman when she showed a quilt with bras on it. Though, IIRC, sadly that outrage was surpassed later by some other topics.