Saturday, January 15, 2022

Raffle/Opportunity Quilts 2022


Escher from the Springfield Guild, designed by
Christopher Weinhold

I figure you can get a handle on what is currently fashionable
by looking at the guild raffle quilts. Here are a few to be won in 2022.

Unicorn from Maryland's Southern Comforters

From Kim McLean's pattern

Spring Awakening from a Sue Garman pattern by California's Pioneer Quilt Guild

Oregon's Mary's River Guild

Illinois's Heritage Quilters Guild

Designed by Julie Hale for the Carousel Quilters

Blooming Jewels designed by Jennifer Surra McDowell
for the Bloomington Guild in Illinois

At the Beach by Cara Lamb for California's Pajaro Valley Guild

FiestaSanta Rosa Guild from Nancy Rinks's A New Age pattern

Fort Worth Modern Guild

Colorado's Black Canyon Guild

Prairie Sonnet by the SewWhatevers for the Kaw Valley Quilt Guild,
Lawrence, Kansas.

Ours is of course the best. I didn't do a thing but watched in awe as the designers,
drafters, colorists, piecers and appliquers in the SewWhatevers created this.


  1. wow...lots of terrific beauties up for grabs...

  2. Though each is beautiful in it's own right, none of these are my "flavor" :-) But I do like to support the groups so typically when I purchase raffle tickets, I put the name and number of a family member on the tickets. I would love for one of them to receive a call saying they won a quilt~

  3. Amazing quilts, so much diversity! I'd sure like to know how that Escher quilt was pieced?! And I was delighted to see my own guild represented (Pajaro Valley Quilt Association, Santa Cruz, County, CA) Of course a beach scene...

  4. What a wonderful show and tell of opp quilts! I'd buy a ticket on every one of these! I'm so glad that you are still blogging and I love the longer format. Much of social media doesn't offer that. Thank you for the time you spend here—I value it greatly.