Friday, January 7, 2022

Article in Blanket Statements


I don't often get anything written---footnotes, editing, etc.


Why I blog---no references, self-editing.

But I did write a short article published in the current American Quilt Study Group's Blanket Statements newsletter.

Got a publication quality illustration of a southern
quilt from Julie Silber Quilts.

"Regional Style: Southern Spin" is the COVER story in the latest issue #152 (Have we been doing this for 152 issues???) 

I wanted to summarize all the great discussion over at our QuiltHistorySouth Facebook group over the past two years.

Ask to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2427588900863781

I would hope you readers are all members of the American Quilt Study Group, which publishes research in various ways like the newsletter, the annual journal Uncoverings and at the annual seminar (next September in San Diego.)

Join here:     https://americanquiltstudygroup.org/content.aspx?page_id=60&club_id=267008&module_id=494437

My article features a checklist we developed to identify Upland Southern quilt style after about 1880. The more checks the more likely to be a Southern quilt made between 1880 & 1930.

Page 2
Hope you can read it in these JPGs.

Page 3 with the footnotes (endnotes---see, I told you, editing.)

Actually, editor Hallie Bond was quite helpful and I would recommend that any of you with a small research project consider submitting a summary to her.