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1848 Quilt: Part 2


We are looking at an 1848 Pennsylvania quilt that we at 

Our scribe Kathe Dougherty did me the favor of recording the inscriptions. She found 12 surnames in three Pennsylvania counties, Juniata, Huntingdon and Union. 

 The majority of
the names are from Juniata County.

Several are from Lostcreek
or Lostcreek Valley, including the recipient Elizabeth Sponhauer.

January 27th, 1848 is probably her wedding date.

Elizabeth Sponhauer (1826-1898) married Ephriam Rannels.
He later spelled it Reynolds.

Elizabeth is buried in the Old Church Hill Cemetery in Juniata County. We learn she was a member of the Lutheran Church and had two girls and two boys between 1848 and 1860. 

Catherine Roland of Union County. Her name is on
a woven plaid block, a fabric of no help in dating the quilt although
the reds and blues are useful.

Cables are quilted between the blocks. The triple cables are
a pretty good clue to a Pennsylvania quilting party.

From Elizabeth's obituary: "The deceased leaves a husband with whom she traveled down life’s journey for more than fifty years..." More about him over here:

It would seem that Elizabeth was born into the Mennonite Church as Sponhauers---Henry and Catherine---whose names are on the quilt, are buried in the Lost Creek Mennonite Cemetery.

Five Fair Ladies on the Juniata River from a series of
 1860s stereo photos of the Pennsylvania Central Railroad (note bridge.)

Henry B. Kurtz
Juniatta [sic] County
Perhaps Henry Bard Kurtz

Lost Creek is under the orange arrow,
northwest of Mifflintown

Names on the quilt:

Juniata County
Lostcreek Valle
Mary Trago
David R. Kurtz
Caroline Jacobs
Henry B. Kurtz
Elizabeth Kurtz

Mary A. Lapp

Lostcreek (two names for the same place?)
Stephen H. Lapp
Ann Lapp
Margaret Jacobs
John W. Jacobs
Emily Kurtz
Henry Sponhauer
Lovina Sponhauer
Catherine A Sponhauer
Anne Nicholas
Frances Lap (p)
Ann Lapp
Mary A. Lapp

Thompsontown, early 20th century

Mary Thompson
Sarah Thompson

Blue and Buff print and a pink stripe from Sarah Thompson

Union County
Eliza Hauck
Margaret Hauck
Margaret Harold
Maria Roland
Catherine Roland
Henrietta Roland

Huntingdon County
Emaline Wilson
Matildia Wilson (perhaps Elizabeth Matilda Wilson Fleming 1815 - 1873)
Ann Wilson

"Matildia Wilson
Huntingdon is misspelled. 

Elizabeth's site at Find-A-Grave:


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