Sunday, March 21, 2021

Quilt Index Entertainment


"Sarah Stilwell
A date-inscribed quilt

The Quilt Index, which contains hundreds of thousands of photos of quilts new and old, has a new interface. I've been learning to use it and thought I'd show you how I've spent some rainy afternoons.

My favorite find today is Sarah Stilwell's dated quilt.

I've been looking at quilts documented in the New York project, fishing around for style ideas
and information for my Ladies' Aid Album: New York Sampler BOM.

Quilt by or for Ina F. Acra

If you go to the search page and look for quilts made in New York you get nearly 4,000 hits. Too many for me to deal with, so I decided I would look at New York quilts county by county---looking for regional differences in style and pattern.

Ina's quilt is from Niagara County.
(If there's a horse on it it's from New York.)

Go to the Quilt Index Search page

You'll see a box that says "County Made."

I am doing New York county by county. There are 62 and I started with some of the oddly named
counties like Tioga and St. Lawrence. When I get around to Washington I will have to narrow my search.
69 hits for St. Lawrence County

I found a map of the counties and did some Photoshopping
mainly because I am practicing using the new program and a
new computer, so here's my digital list of the counties I've searched.
White dots.

And a few of the photos I've saved for inspiration

For the regional pattern files.
New York patterns

New York color schemes.
New Paltz, by a woman whose mother was a Hasbrouck,
Dutch Reformed Church.
Several leads to pursue.
Will be looking for Ina Acra and Sarah Stilwell too.

And some just to save for fun.


MissPat said...

I know you've probably covered this before, but why does a horse indicate a New York quilt? I'm curious because I'm in western NY near Rochester.

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