Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Log-A-Rhythm Jelly Roll Quilt

Great quilt top from an online auction, maybe

It's a version of what they call Half-A-Log in Gees Bend,

A Half a Log about 1900

But this one has an extra square in the intersections
and that square is always red.
There's a four patch in the corner.
Not a published pattern
I drew it up in EQ8 using my new repro fabrics
Ladies Legacy from Moda.

The collection has lights and darks and several bright reds.

For a 12" finished block you need to cut 2-1/2 Inch strips.
Perfect for a Jelly Roll.

36 Blocks will make a 72" quilt
Half the blocks have the four patch in the top right;
half in the bottom left. That's the Log-a-Rhythm

I have no idea how many blocks you could get out of one Jelly Roll.
But you probably have a few more 2-1/2" strips in the stash that would work out fine.

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