Saturday, April 15, 2017

Western Sun

Here's one of the great American quilts. It's from Julie Silber's & Linda Reuther's collection
at Mary Strickler's Quilt Shop 
long ago---a mid-19th-century crib quilt.

Karen at the Log  Cabin Quilter blog did a great job of interpreting it.

Using our pattern from the Sunflower Pattern Co-operative
book Butternut & Blue: Threads of the Civil War.

It's somehow just a perfect combination of block and sashing.
The block is a simple wheel variation, 8 points around a large circle. You'd think there would be many quilts in this basic wheel design, however, I haven't seen but a few.

It's a variation of BlockBase #3417 which was published
in the early 20th century by Hearth & Home magazine as Charity Wheel,
perhaps a reference to using wheel designs for fundraising quilts.

Here's Karla's model for Butternut & Blue.
We called it Western Sun.
She used shades of butternut brown.

Sue Troyen and her beautiful version.

Or is it Marcie's at Patchalot, which is where I found this version.

Western Sun from Alaska Quilt Zone

She made a rectangle of it.

We still have copies of the book with the Western Sun pattern in it.

See it in our Sunflower Pattern Co-operative Etsy shop:

Here it is colored Union blue.


  1. That is such a great block! The quilts made from it are all so beautiful! I have that book and like it so much!!