Monday, April 3, 2017

Cowboys, Dude!

Ride 'Em Cowboy by Karla Menaugh
39" x 45"

There was a time around here when we were Cowboy Crazy.

Inspired by the Alice Brooks newspaper pattern Cowboy & Horse, we stitchers at the Sunflower Pattern Co-Operative appliqued Cowboys, Cowgirls and Horses on everything in sight.

Dude Ranch by Barbara Brackman 
40" x 40"

 A lot of baby quilts got made.

And a lot of pillows got covered.

Horse Play Bed Pillows

The Alice Brooks needlework syndicate published several
cowboy designs about 1950

 Mary Clay & Fratie Wyatt, 1952. 65" x 88"
West Virginia Project & the Quilt Index

See the whole quilt here:

My favorite was the silhouette of the cowboy in the tall hat and chaps.

We added a cowgirl.

And published most of these patterns in our book
Calico Cowboys.

Ride 'Em Cowboy by Karla Menaugh
The Alice Brooks/Laura Wheeler company also did a bucking horse version.

And so did we.

Horse Play by Karla Menaugh
82" x 92"

Way Out West by Barbara Brackman, Karla Menaugh & Deb Rowden
39" x 39"

Love of Quilting magazine published a pattern for this little horse quilt.

We had a good deal of  cowboy-themed reproduction fabric
that Terry Thompson and I had designed for a line called Dude Ranch.

Dude Ranch print

The repro fabric is way out of print but our pattern book is not.
You can still get copies at our Sunflower Pattern Co-operative Etsy Shop.

Bertha Marion, quilting in the 1970s,
American Folklife Center Collection
at the Quilt Index

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  1. I love your Calico Cowboys book. In fact, I love everything cowboy. I particularly love the cowboy/western feedsacks. Figures I guess since Trigger was my childhood idol. And, I knew every one of Little Joe's pintos (he had 13 different horses over the years) on Bonanza. Happy Trails!