Sunday, April 9, 2017

Two (3) Golden Ages of Applique

Mathematical Star quilt, Maryland's eastern shore, 1850s

Collector and quilt historian Deborah Cooney has curated
an exhibit at the Virginia Quilt Museum in Harrisonburg.

Two Golden Ages of Applique: 1840-1870 & 1920-1940
Through May 20th, 2017

Orchid Wreath quilt with the embroidered name Mabel,
from a Rose Kretsinger pattern in the Second Golden Age

This is an opportunity to see some impressive applique quilts.
Many of the quilts in the show are from Debby's collection.
Cut out chintz cradle quilt with
 reverse applique vine, 1830s.

And most are from the first "Golden Age".

She's also borrowed from her friends.
 The 1860s sampler above is from Polly Mello's collection.

 "Trophy of Arms" panel in the center of a Virginia quilt
about 1835 -1850. Collection: Ratcliffe & Bennet

From Pat & Arlan Christ's collection on the left.
The Baltimore Applique Society has sponsored a printed color catalog.
Buy it by sending a check for $16.65 to the Museum Shop
Virginia Quilt Museum
301 South Main St.
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Bobbi Finley, Remembering Anna Garnhart, 2006,
32" x 40.5"
Made for an AQSG Quilt Study.

Debby believes we are now basking in the glow of the Third Golden Age of Applique. To illustrate her point we have Bobbi Finley's interpretation of the early-19th-century quilts by Anna Catherine Markey Garnhart.

See more at the Virginia Quilt Museum's website:

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  1. Thank you so much for showcasing this exhibition! I was hoping someone had done a book when I was only halfway thru the post. That 1860's sampler applique has a few features in common with the Reconciliation Quilt -- little birds or butterflies in the corners of a block or two, a tree growing out of a floating piece of ground, a combination of blocks that are pictorial with some that feature one large shape in the center and smaller shapes in the corners. New York maybe?? I will be ordering the book today.