Thursday, September 22, 2016

Vine Tapestry & A Label for Your Morris Quilt

Here is a free label for your quilt made with Morris Earthly Paradise prints.
Print it out on pretreated fabric

The artwork comes from a catalog that included printed and woven fabrics
from Morris and Company. It dates from about 1910.

The black and white pictures included several "hand-woven tapestries".

Vine, a woven wool, was advertised as "Designed by William Morris"
but since he had died about 15 years earlier
and the firm was fairly loose with its attributions, I am not so sure.

Block 1 from the Morris Hexathon by Becky Brown

For Morris Earthly Paradise we colored the black and white photo
into a lovely serpentine stripe print.

It comes in four colorways.

Becky # 7
Which Becky, Ilyse & Bettina have been making the most of for the Morris Hexathon

Bettina #5

Ilyse #7


  1. I really wish I'd been able to find this line somewhere, but I'm enjoying slowly making the hexagons anyway. I'll start #5 this weekend.

  2. If your local shop didn't buy it, you can probably find it online at some of the big online retailers. Do a web search for
    Earthly Paradise Moda.

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