Saturday, September 3, 2016

Morris Hexathon Set Ideas

Denniele's Morris Hexathon  1-15

You get two posts today because I hit the wrong button.

Mary Huey's 1- 11

Cheryl K.

Jeanne at Spiral---2 a week


With only 8 more weeks to go to the finish line of 26 hexies you might want to be thinking about hexathon sets.

The official set.
37 light blue hexagons represent the pieced blocks.
24 dark are unpieced hexagons in the two central rings and then many more around the outside.

See the instructions at this post:

Alternate Ideas

Just set them side by side,
shading in a medallion design as in the antique below.

Fredrica Josephson
National Trust of Australia
New South Wales

Or not.

Liza Lucy

Koi by Bruce Seeds

 Set them with plain hexagons

in rings 

By Lucy Jones, about 1900
West Virginia project and the Quilt Index

Set them with plain hexagons in a strip---in this one every other plain hexagon is white.

 Set them with triangles

Hexagon stars set with triangles, shaded in dark and light strips.
Cheater cloth from about 1875.

Set them with diamonds

From the Arizona project and the Quilt Index

Need more hexies?

This antique silk version is set with diamonds and
every other hexagon is not pieced.

Ring them with long hexagons.

A set Godey's Lady's Book pictured in 1854.

Stars set with long hexagons of madder brown.
Michigan project and the Quilt Index.

The long shapes can be narrow or wide.

Just ignore the 60 degree geometry.

Laura Knownes, Wedgeplay


  1. Becky in VA
    Only 8 more weeks? A good reminder I need to get mine sewn together.

  2. A bonus post for all of us "stay at home" hexologists this holiday weekend. Thanks so much for all the inspiration you're feeding us with Barbara.My setting, decided a few weeks back, is going to need more than 26 blocks so it is time to begin making a second block of each of my favorites.

  3. It looks like the varying level of complexity of these blocks will have to be balanced after they are all made, whatever the setting. Maybe the simplest in the center? something like that. . . .