Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kate Faulkner's Carnation in Morris Earthly Paradise

Bettina Havig used three colorways of Carnation
for Block #9 in the Morris Hexathon.

Carnation, reproduction of an 1880 print

Becky Brown used the light blue Carnation print in
Block #10.

Original at top left

Carnation is a small tossed print that was originally designed 
as wallpaper by Kate Faulkner (1841-1898) who did repeat pattern
designs for the firm of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Company.

Cynthia W's #1

Charles Faulkner, about 1858, when he
was a student at Oxford. He later taught mathematics there.

The Faulkner in the Morris firm's name was her brother Charles Joseph Faulkner, who met fellow students William Morris and Edward Bourne Jones at Oxford University. Although he was a mathematician rather than an artist the three became fast friends. When the artists went into business they invited Faulkner to do their accounts.

Anne Faulkner, Kate's mother, is listed as an ale and brewer on 
Bath Row in an 1861 directory of Birmingham

At least three Faulkners grew up in Birmingham where their parents were brewers. Sisters Kate and Lucy moved to London and became designers. Kate did free-lance work for the Morris firm, including wall paper designs like Carnation. She also painted tiles and did silver and gold gesso work for them. 

Details of a gesso painted piano in the collection of
the Victoria and Albert Museum by Edward Burne Jones
and Kate Faulkner.

The gesso is a primer for the gold and silver leaf.

Peony from my Morris Workshop repro collection is another Kate Faulkner design
for a relatively inexpensive Morris wallpaper.

Read about Kate's sister Lucy Faulkner Orrinsmith in an article from the Morris Society.

Kate's Carnation is printed in six colorways in
the Morris Earthly Paradise collection.

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