Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My New/Old Quilt: The Pomegranate Blocks

This is an unusual pattern from my recent quilt acquisition.

I've been calling it a sampler because my definition of a sampler
means at least 3 different blocks. 
And there are 3.

I'm trying to identify the source of the quilt by looking at the three patterns.
See more on the Feather Crown in the center here:

There are four blocks with this yellow
and red floral

I Photoshopped the block. Not quite accurate, but it shows you how the floral is positioned in the square block. I could not find a match for this floral in an antique quilt. Here are some similar block structures from about 1840-1890....

The design has no number or name in my Encyclopedia of Applique.

But it should. It was definitely passed around in the 19th century.

I found this one at the Quilt Index
from the Minnesota Quilt Project.

Maybe the design in my quilt is related to a pomegranate.

Antique Pomegranate by Carol Charles

Jacobean Elegance by Lisa Debee Schiller

Here's a similar strange bloom in the lower right corner in an old block.

And one on the top side of this border vine....

Which I saw on the Pook & Pook auction site, 
purchased I believe by a quilt historian.

Strange vines in another mid-19th-century applique from Stella Rubin

It's a wild garden.

Right before press time (so to speak)
I came across this photo of Paula Wexler and her
sampler designed by Jan Patek.
There are two blocks that are almost a replica of my pomegranate.

Here's another version from Dixie. The sampler is called
the Spencer Museum Quilt, published by Jan in 2007.

Where did Jan find that pattern?
Stay tuned.


  1. Oh I LOVE all these quilts from that era--esp'ly the pomegranates if I were a brave (and not just a beginner) appliquer, I would try one...hugsand thanks, Julierose

  2. Always enjoy your posts, and was so surprised (and honored) to see my Spencer Pomegranate block in your post today! Thanks for the inspiration to make more Spencer blocks now. Red and green quilts always make my heart beat a little faster...