Monday, July 13, 2015

Fall, 2015 Repro Collection: Old Cambridge Pike

Moda sales reps are showing Old Cambridge Pike
this month to shop owners.

We work months ahead, so July is the shop owner's
chance to buy fabric scheduled to be out
in December, 2015.

Here's the official description:

Old Cambridge Pike, Barbara Brackman's latest reproduction collection for Moda, celebrates prints and passions of 19th-century New England. From Concord to Cambridge and Boston, the generation who called themselves Young America cultivated a new sense of place in arts and literature while nearby textile mills defined an American print style. 

The fabric reproduces Civil War era paisleys, stripes


and foulards, the everyday cottons one might have found in the sewing baskets at the Alcotts, the Hawthornes and the Peabody sisters who lived along the Old Cambridge Pike.

Louisa May Alcott must have taken the Old Cambridge Pike
to Boston often.

The prints date to the 1840-1890 era in a warm range of reds and browns, blues and greens. Each print and color name recalls an important image in Young America, honoring the circle of friends, the places they lived and their ideas.

Sophia Peabody Hawthorne (1809-1871) 
was of the generation who called themselves Young America.

See more about Old Cambridge Pike from Moda here:


(The link's been changed.)

The Pre-Cuts should be out before Christmas
so you'd better start making your list.


  1. Yummy! Another winning line. Can't wait to see it in person.

  2. I love the new line and I can imagine how it could make the quilts look like antiques with their shades.
    Hopefully I can get back into quilting but for now, I just do whatever and mostly small projects and eventually I will get motivated again.


  3. How beautiful this line is. I really love it and can't wait till it will be in the shops.
    Greetings from Germany

  4. Hello Beautiful is this line . Greetings from the Nederland


  5. Congratulations.Another fabulous line!

  6. Just beautiful! Looking forward to seeing and feeling the actual cloth!

  7. I need to check a map to find out whether Spring Street, Hopkinton, where I lived when I was a little girl, is on that road. I'm always looking for red foulards like the wallpaper we had there.

  8. I can't get over all the beautiful fabrics that I see here. I love the history and your informative tidbits of information on the old and new. Feeling blessed to be able to access this info, all in a nice and neat email. From you. Thank you. Happy Autumn, Barbara.

    Kim Marie

  9. Love the map idea, something to make a quilt just a bit more intriguing.

  10. Can hardly wait to add Old Cambridge Pike to my thimble charm quilt! Back Door Quilts has two photos of it on their Facebook page, scroll down to October. Looking forward to the New Year and new reproduction fabrics!