Friday, July 17, 2015

Morris Jewels Winners

On July 16th we had a giveaway for my new Moda fabric
Morris Jewels

The winners are:
  • Jacqueline L
  • Susiefloozie
  • O'Quilts
  • Ida from Central PA

The contest is over but here's a sketch of a quilt to make with
a fat quarter pack
Whirling Fans
BlockBase Pattern # 3355
79" x 79" 
Blocks finish to 15"
Border finishes to 9-1/2"

The double fan pattern was first published by the Alice Brooks
syndicate in 1936.
I drew it up in EQ7 in Morris Jewels fabric, alternating the print
fan spokes with solid Moda Grunge 

and added a lot of yellow solid too.

Moda Grunges are textured, almost solids.

The Spokane Daily Chronicle carried this 
 column on November 16, 1936.
"Send 10 cents, carefully wrapped," for the pattern.
"Alice" showed a snakey set.

Another set for Whirling Fans.

Here's why you need BlockBase for your PC.
You can draw #3355 any size.
And rotate the blocks before you begin piecing.

For the border you can get four 10" strips out of a width of yardage.
You'll need 2-1/4 yards to border the 79" quilt.
For the background in the blocks EQ sez you need 3-1/2 yards of a dark Grunge
And 1/2 yard of the pink Grunge if you want all the fan quarter circles to be the same.
I added a yard of yellow for punch.


  1. OMGosh. Insert happy dance. I believe I am the lucky Jacqueline. Yahoo I will be watching the mail. Can't wait to get started on a project. Thank you sew much.

  2. Still another happy dance..a real treat thank u

  3. Congrats to the winners!! Beautiful fabrics coming your way!!

  4. Just checked email after being out of town all weekend. Yay!!!! I'm a winner and looking forward to working with the awesome fabric!!! Thank you!!!!

  5. My package has arrived. Thank you for the generous gift of fabric. I have a lovely quilt that I intend on using it in -- A Fanny S. Bucher Lancaster Diamond quilt that I'm reproducing from photographs that I took in 2010 at The Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum's exhibit, Family and Friends: Quilts and Their Collections.

    The Fanny quilt i(circa 1860 to 1880) is one of three made by mother, daughter, and neighbor. Ann Holte made a pattern series, and later a book for the 'friend' quilt entitled "Making the Lancaster Diamond Sampler: A 19th Century Quilt Design by Fanny's Friend." Quilting Traditions, Pieces from the Past, by Patricia T. Herr, gives a detailed history of the daughter's quilt and its maker, Barbara Bucher Snyder. (Barbara's quilt has been reproduced by several people.)

    However, I have not found a pattern for Fanny's quilt. The William Morris fabric (and other -- thank you!!) will fit very nicely into my Fanny quilt. :)