Friday, December 12, 2014

Jason Pollen. Unfurled: Thirty Years in Kansas City

Jason Pollen, Havana, 2014

Don't miss the second phase of Jason Pollen's two-part show at the Kansas City (Missouri) Public Library's Main Branch.  Unfurled: Thirty Years in Kansas City comes down on January 4, 2015.


Friends and I went on our seasonal holiday outing to get some culture, eat well and shop. The show was a high point in a great day.

Jason Pollen, Forest/Trees IV

Found sticks, wrapped on a dyed background.

Jason Pollen, Forest/Trees

Jason Pollen, Forest/Trees Detail

See an interview in The Pitch about how Pollen came to make these assemblages:

Jason Pollen, Metamorphosis I

Felted Wool

Jason Pollen, Metamorphosis I

Jason Pollen, Prophets

The faces looked familiar. The catalog notes his inspiration
in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection
of Fayoum or Fayum funerary portraits of Egyptians.

He also is showing his sketchbooks.

The man mixes media in wonderful fashion.

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  1. Beautiful art pieces, love the mix of mediums in the quilts.