Friday, May 9, 2014

William Morris and Recycled Polypropylene Water Bottles

Detail of Michele Hill's quilt from 
C&T's William Morris Eco-Tote

These Eco-totes fold out to make a sturdy box-like bag.
They are 100% recycled polypropylene-plastic water bottles.

And they have quilts on them....

Elm Creek Quilts tote from Jennifer Chiaverini's book

...From C&T books

Piece o' Cake tote from Becky Goldsmith

UPDATE: Here's C&T Publishing's order page on the eco-totes:
You can buy them at quilt shops too.

This one is my favorite as it has Michele Hill's quilt made using some of my 
Morris Workshop prints.

Morning Glory by Michele Hill...

...from More William Morris in Applique.

Note Michele's corner vases, featured on the book cover, are drawn
from May Morris's vase, which I discussed here:

More ideas for recycling plastic bottles...

Matthew Farley Frozen Assets, 2010. 
Winter display at a fountain at the University of Kansas

Olga Kostina is working on her house, decorating it in
plastic bottle caps in Russia.


  1. I think it is great that they can make new things from plastic, we do tend to use too many things that are plastic.


  2. How neat! Where can we buy these? I love to take totes with me to the grocery. Always get nice comments at the check out.

  3. I too, would like to get a bag....what is your source?? thanks

  4. I added the C&T link to the post above and here it is again. Get your shop to order them.
    Paste this in your browser:


  5. Barbara

    Thank you for your wonderful informative postings.

    THE GARDEN is so gorgeous, it would be the quilt of a lifetime for anyone!

    Here I make my own "Hearth and Home" quilts as I call them. NOT one will be in the museum! But, I know, they are loved by family, and friends that receive them.

    Smiles, JulieinTN