Friday, May 30, 2014

Pat L. Nickols Quilt Collection

From the Pat L. Nickols Collection at the Mingei Museum in
San Diego

Hexagon charm quilt

Log Cabin 

Collector Pat L. Nickols donated her collection of 300 quilts and tops to the Mingei Museum of Folk Art. They are showing log cabin quilts in San Diego right now through July 3rd. UPDATE: Pat corrects me and says it is 350 quilts.

The New England Quilt Museum is showing a selection of her charm quilts through July 6, 2014. See Charmed: Every Piece is Different at their website:
In a charm quilt no two pieces are alike. They are usually
pieced of one template pattern, above a 4-sided piece called tumbler.

You can enjoy Pat's collection at home by clicking on the online catalog here:

The Quilters Guild of Dallas funded the digitization.

An unusual charm quilt in a tile pattern, pieces
appliqued to a white background.

Right angle triangles, arranged according to color value.

Thanks to Pat for her generous gift.
And to the Quilters Guild of Dallas.


  1. I was very fortunate : i met Pat while working in a Paris' quiltshop and was asked to bring her to a restaurant where we had a dangling conversation about antique quilts. I have some remnants from her fabric collection too .She truly is an important personality in the quilting world , wish i could visit the Mingei foundation once...

  2. Wonderful that she is willing to share her quilts so others can enjoy seeing them in person. I love the tile quilt, simple but unique.


  3. Love all of these, but the tumbler charm is my favorite! The design dances!

  4. Thanks for the mention of the CHARMED exhibit at the New England Quilt Museum! We're pretty pleased with the exhibit--so much wonderful fabric on display.

  5. Went to the New England Quilt Museum yesterday and all I can say is "WOW". Do not miss this exhibition if you are anywhere near Lowell, Mass this month. It is fantastic. Thanks Pat and thanks Pam and all the NEQM staff.

  6. It is wonderful to see my quilts (now at the Mingei International Museum) pictured on
    Barbara's site for all of her followers to see and enjoy. Your are all invited to visit the Mingei web site to see more of the collection.
    My thanks Barbara for posting so many of my quilts. I do enjoy seeing them as well.

  7. Above comment - by Pat L. Nickols