Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring Market Virtual Booth 2014

The left side of the virtual booth
with Rose Kretsinger greeting visitors

For Spring Market at Pittsburgh this week I am introducing two new products, so
I'll be doing Schoolhouse presentations for Moda and C&T Publishing.

First: The book Karla Menaugh and I wrote for C&T called 
Emporia Rose.

We actually are planning Schoolhouse talks for Thursday May 15th but we really don't rent a booth. 

However, I enjoy planning a virtual booth. For the virtual booth we are decorating the walls in old postcard pictures of the town of Emporia, Kansas. Because it is a virtual booth we can invite virtually anybody to sit with us (even quilters who have gone to the great Bee in the sky.)

Right side of the booth:
Charlotte Jane Whitehill and her Paradise Garden quilt

We asked Emporia quiltmakers Charlotte Jane Whitehill and Rose Kretsinger to sign and chat.
The book won't be out till mid-June so virtual autographs are all we can expect.

Second: I'll have a new reproduction fabric collection for Moda called Richmond Reds.

Center of the booth with Richmond Reds quilt and fabrics

In the center we'll switch cities to Richmond, Virginia, with postcard backgrounds,
fabric strikeoffs so you can handle them and our project quilt.

Virtual Triple Booth

How these parts are going to coordinate is still a mystery to me but I am hoping the rug will pull the whole room together.

Me and Karla by Deb

Do come and see the real Karla and the real me at our C&T Publishing presentation Thursday May 15 at 1:20 in Room 315.

And I will be with the real Moda designers at 4:05-5:45 in rooms 310 and 311.

Read more about the Emporia Rose book here:

Richmond Reds,
a 19th-century reproduction collection for Moda

More about Richmond Reds for Moda here:


  1. Have fun. I really like the new fabric line, but what isn't there to not like about red!

  2. I love the booth, that is really fun and a unique way to show off the new books and fabric line. The quilt with the Richmond reds is gorgeous.


  3. Have a great time at market, have never been there, hopefully someday. The new book looks wonderful and those Richmond reds, they are just beautiful. Definitely on my list.

  4. Awesome virtual booth!! Have fun and can't wait for the book. Have pre-ordered!