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Vicki Welsh Fabric Give-Away

Lura's Choice
By Vicki Welsh
Grandmother's Choice sampler
blocks in her hand-dyed shibori style fabrics

Kansas Sunflower
Shibori Style
by Vicki Welsh

It's Vicki Welsh day today on my blogs. To celebrate the END of my Grandmother's Choice block-of-the-week---49 weeks/49 blocks---we GAVE AWAY a package of Vicki's hand-dyed fabrics. Jan was the winner.

Carrie Nation
by Vicki Welsh

If you follow the Grandmother's Choice Flickr page you will have noticed Vicki's fussy-cut and  hand-dyed versions of the blocks celebrating the fight for Women's Rights. She did two blocks, one in her Symmetry/Kaleidoscope style and the other in her Shibori/ hand-dyed style.

by Vicki Welsh
Vicki writes:
"While working on them I figured out that each one really reflected the personality of my grandmothers."

To see Vicki's other version of the Grandmother's Choice blocks, named for her Grandmother Jackie, click here:

"The Grandmother’s Choice project was one the first block-of-the-week projects that I’ve ever done. I couldn’t wait for Saturday for my history lesson and new block. I have two passions with quilting so I’ve made 2 sets of blocks. One is done in a kaleidoscope fashion (inspired by Paula Nadelstern) and the other is done in all hand- dyed fabrics. My friend, Becky (the pattern tester), incorporated many of my hand dyed fabrics in her quilt as well."

Kansas Sunflower by Becky Brown

Here's Vicki's EQ7 sketch for the layout for 30 blocks.
She's making a twin-sized quilt. Her inspiration
was Cheryl Kotecki's layout.

Cheryl has finished her top using Vicki's hand-dyed fabrics.

To see Vicki's general instructions for Lura's Choice, named after one of her grandmothers, click here:

Mother's Delight
by Vicki Welsh

"I am primarily a traditional quilter and I love the look of hand dyed fabrics in my projects whether the quilt is totally hand dyed fabric or, like Becky’s, the hand dyes are blended with commercial fabrics."

Kansas Troubles
by Vicki Welsh

Vicki notes that some people avoid hand-dyed fabrics because they have a reputation for not being colorfast. 

"I’m trying to fix that reputation and make people more comfortable using them.My fabrics are processed to remove all of the excess dye and you can use them in your quilts as confidently as you do commercially printed fabrics."

Here's the prize package (worth $101!) that Jan won: An assortment of hand dyed fabrics along with 10 yards of Mistyfuse fusible web and a Mistyfuse Goddess Sheet.The fabrics included are a Leafy Greens Stash Pack (10 fat eighths), a 4-step Shades Pack in the popular color Sepia and 2 half-yard Gradients (Emerald City and Traditions).

THE WINNER: Jan at the Accidental Cookhttp://hardtimeskitchen.blogspot.com/

Here's what she says about herself on her blog

"I am an eclectic artist interested in most all forms of artistic expression. I am a quilter, painter, and mixed media artist as well as a cook and writer. Since I am retired, we live in a tiny farming community of 500 people. The closest McDonald's is 32 miles away so we don't live on fast food. To me, fast food is dinner in 30 minutes! I am lucky to have lots of locally grown produce in season. Hopefully you will enjoy my recipes, with occasional artwork and quilts."

I'll email her and get her street address. 

Thanks to Vicki for providing a prize and much inspiration. Thanks to you guys for entering!
See the Grandmother's Choice blog here:
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Blog: http://vickiwelsh.typepad.com/field_trips_in_fiber/ (with lots of tutorials)

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  1. The Give-Away is Over. Jan won. Congratulations to her and thanks to Vicki. And thanks for all the comments!