Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twin Sisters in Morris Modernized

Twin Sisters by the Sewhatevers,
 33-1/2" x 33-1/2"
Made from a Morris Modernized Jelly Roll
and two extra pieces.

I hear some of the pre-cuts for my new Arts & Crafts repro line are in the shops way early. The yardage is supposed to be shipped in October---

Jane in Adelaide stitched this Jelly Roll Race.

I've been working on a Jelly Roll pattern myself.

Twin Sisters is an old design, given the name by the Ladies' Art Company about 1900.
It's #2314 in my BlockBase program.

I had planned to use a pumpkin-colored print for the small triangles, but at the last minute I tried a misty green and I liked it better.

For my birthday last month my sewing group,
the Sewhatevers, were at my command for a morning.
I asked them to make as many blocks as we could for
a mini-quilt for our guild charity auction.

We quit at noon and got 25 blocks done.

Here's the free pattern to make our 33-1/2" square quilt:
Fabric Required
1 Jelly Roll of pre-cut 2-1/2" strips
1/2 yard of a misty green print for the background. We used a compatible green print from an earlier Morris repro line. Or try a Moda Bella Solid #9900-35 Sage.
Border: 3/4 Yard

Oswin in Fog Green
from Morris Modernized: CFA Voysey
Moda #8266-16

For the border we used 3/4 yard of this large print--which actually has a diagonal directionality, but when you cut across the width of fabric you get an interesting swag look. I cut across the middle of the large flower and the small ones will wind up under the binding. (You will have to wait till October 2013 to get the yardage for Oswin, however.)

We based the pattern size on the precuts for B, so blocks finish to 5-1/2"

Cutting a 5-1/2" Block
Here are the rotary cutting instructions from BlockBase

A - Cut squares 4-1/8" of the background color. Cut into 4 triangles with two cuts.

B - Cut strips to 2-1/2" x 5-1/4". You'll trim these later. We alternated 2 darks and 2 lights.


Piece A to a B.

Think diagonally and rotate around clockwise.

Trim to 6" when finished

It's easy once you figure it out, although things can go wrong.


Note: the banished block on the right is backwards.

The finished top is 33-1/2" square.
The border finishes to 3"

We got it all worked out, however, and bordered. 

Cutting the Mitered Border:
Cut 4 strips 3-1/2" across the width of fabric.
Fussy cut so all are the same.

Here's an EQ7 plan
for 25 blocks.
You could make 49 blocks (7 x 7) and using the same border
wind up with a 50" square quilt.

I had some antique examples of the Twin Sisters block in my photo files.
This top from about 1900 was my inspiration.

Here's one from the 1940s or '50s.

And note that she alternated left-hand blocks and right-hand blocks
and got a kind of a trellis look.

Here's one from the Quilt Index. All dark arms,except for the top left, which may have faded.
This shading and the sashing gives a whole different effect.

See more about Morris Modernized: CFA Voysey here at Moda:


  1. what an easy looking block to put together - I will have to remember this one - you can have such a wide range of looks depending on color

  2. Love the way you did the border. And the screened door on the porch is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is a beautiful quilt and a wonderful way to use a jelly roll, never thought of that;)


  4. These new fabrics look wonderful! They catch the light and these bright colors are fully my taste! I will certainly buy some...