Monday, August 5, 2013

Nathalie Ferri's Etoile de Bethléem

Etoile de Bethléem
(Star of Bethlehem)
by Nathalie Ferri

I've finally figured it out. We missed a great show of reproduction quilts in Brouage, France this spring.

The French Patchwork Association
puts on an exhibit every other year called
Quilts de Légende 
(Legendary Quilts)
April 13-June 12, 2013

The quilts are reproductions of antiques and must be hand quilted.

One of the stars of the show is Nathalie Ferri's.

In the comments here a few days ago Susan called my attention to the fact that Nathalie used my Civil War Crossings collection from Moda to make this amazing quilt.

You can see a PDF on the fabric at Moda's website:

Nathalie added a plain white background to show off her hand quilting.

Her inspiration was a mid-19th century American quilt
made by Ellen Fullard Wright, now in the collection
 of the Shelburne Museum.

The Civil War Crossings fabric was introduced several years ago, but
pieces and pre-cuts are still available on line.

The pair with the antique on the left; 
Nathalie's very impressive reproduction on the right.

More about the Legendary Quilts Exhibit 2013

I first noticed it on Linda's Quilts in the Barn blog:

I also noticed this comment from Katell here last fall:

Legendary Quilts are a famous exhibition in France every other year, the next will take place in May 2013 in Brouage (North of Bordeaux). All quilts are heavily hand quilted and are inspired from antiques. I am longing for this next rendez-vous!
Amitiés de France, Katell at Quilteuse Forever

Here's Katell's blog

I should have bookmarked this page.
Association France Patchwork's webpage (French Patchwork Association might be a translation):

And now we have to wait two more years. But next time I'll try to tell you ahead of time in 2015.

See an album of the 2013 exhibit:

Here is a post on their last Legendary Quilts exhibit (shown at Houston's 2012 Quilt Market):


  1. Those fabrics really look beautiful in her quilt.


  2. I like the reproduction colors better than the original--the original colors seem pretty wild. She did a beautiful job of reproducing that quilt.

  3. Barbara, if you plan to come to France for the next exhibition in Brouage for 2015, I would love to meet you... and I'm not the only one :-). It would be such a great pleasure!
    Just to answer to Helen, the wild colors of the original seem not to be the true ones (you can find a link to a numerized book with other colors by clicking "voir ici" in this post : http://quilteuseforever.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/last-but-not-least-brouage-2013-5/)

    Nathalie's quilt is absolutely perfect -such as all the other quilts displayed in Brouage- and her chosen fabrics are fabulous!

    Katell, France

  4. I saw her quilt at the Festival on Quilts in England last week. It is superb (and I agree with Helen, much better than the original).